We are a CHINA company based out of the ShangHai. Created in 2007. Airsoft and GEL BLASTER having come a long way from a indie industry, to a full on cultural phenomenon. We carry a huge range of tactical accessories, and upgrade parts to ensure that your performance is not hampered by your gun. Added to that, is our massive selection of combat gear.

Our staff is friendly, personable, and trained with your best interest in mind – we won’t be suggesting a product to you with a commission in mind, just your best interests. You can reach out to them at 

Airsoft and GEL BLASTER has come a long way, but there’s so much further to go. If you are interested in opening an airsoft and GEL BLASTER related business, we provide some of best dealer rates, and are dedicated to ensuring that your business is a success. Contact us, and we’ll get you started. E-MAIL: