LDT Warinterest Z2 Injection Molded Adjustable Hop Up for Gel Ball Blaster

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LDT Warinterest Z2 Injection Molded Adjustable Gel Ball Blaster Hop Up
⭐ Suitable for Inner Barrel 9.5mm - depending on option picked
⭐ Upgrade your gel blaster by adding an additional hopup to increase distance of gel ball trajectory.
⭐ If adjusted optimally, hopups can add an additional 5-10 metres in distance.
⭐ Straight and more durable , Stronger and more stable
⭐ More compatible, effectively optimizing the trajectory.
⭐ Before using the Gel Balls, the surface of the Gel Balls should not be too much water, otherwise it will weaken the friction effect and cause the Gel Balls to break.
⭐ It is recommended to use a hardened white gel beads, the effect is even more, otherwise there will be broken

Package Include:
1x LDT Warinterest Z2 Hopup